Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater remediation has always been a core element of VertaseFLI remediation offering, with experience gathered across a wide variety of site over many years.  This experience has been further strengthened by the incorporation of FLIQDS into the company in 2018, further expanding our ability to address any groundwater issue in the most robust and cost-effective manner.  

Either as a standalone treatment process, or as part of a multi technique treatment train on complex site, we can call upon a wide range of experience gathered across some of the most technically challenging projects in the UK. With our combination of technical, chemical, hydrogeological and process engineering specialists we can deliver in-situ and ex-situ groundwater remediation packages for ‘design and build’ solutions, or supply the necessary groundwater remediation equipment for a client managed treatment.

We have won numerous awards for our in-situ groundwater schemes and continue to strive to develop solutions to all our clients’ problems. We have experience of utilising all readily used techniques including, summarised below:

  • In-situ Chemical Oxidation;
  • Groundwater modification to accelerate biological breakdown of contaminants;
  • Duel Phase / multiphase extraction;
  • Air sparge / vacuum extraction;
  • Active inground barriers;
  • Pump and treat;

Using these techniques alone, or in combination we have successfully remediated a wide variety of sites impacted with contaminants from simple hydrocarbons to chlorinated solvents and pesticides. Our case studies highlight our project achievements and our clients span commercial and residential developers, manufacturers and industrial operators, main contractors and consulting engineers as well as the public and regeneration sectors.

We assemble all of our treatment systems ourselves; our processes and engineering teams build and maintain these to a high standard. Working with our geo-environmental team we ensure that these systems will meet the remedial targets / end point agreed with the regulators.

Let us examine your site information for an assessment of what is achievable regardless of whether you intend to continue to operate on your site or wish to realise some value via development.