Removal of Asbestos Soils

Previous site investigations identified the localised presence of asbestos containing material (ACM) (Chrysotile) in fragments of cement bound sheeting in two locations on the northern side of the Church Hall at Eton College.  
Following site investigations, a hand picking exercise was conducted across the surface of the site to remove visible asbestos fragments. The majority of the asbestos fragments appeared to have been removed by the picking exercise and only trace quantities remained in the soils.

Project Details


Eton College



Project Value



1 week

Services Provided

Excavation and disposal of asbestos bearing soils, ambient air monitoring, installation of a no mixing barrier, import of BS5930 quality topsoil.

Further Information

VertaseFLI was contracted to undertaken the remediation works to remove the ACM impacted soils from the rear of Church Hall.  The remediation strategy was based upon breaking potential exposure pathways for future users of the site and required the excavation of materials from within the proposed play area and reinstatement with a geotextile barrier and imported topsoil. 
All other areas of the site will be covered by hardstanding and / or decking as part of the development of the play area, the hardstanding effectively breaks any exposure routes, therefore these areas did not require any remedial works.  Works included:

  • Controlled excavation of ACM impacted soils, misting soils with water to prevent dust emissions.
  • The offsite disposal of circa 50m3 of ACM bearings soils to a suitably licensed disposal facility.
  • Placement of geo-textile across the base of the excavation, to prevent mixing with the underlying soils and therefore providing a pathway break.
  • Importation and placement of 150mm clean imported topsoil across site to restore levels.
  • Ambient air monitoring. 

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