Design & Build Ground Improvement, Earthworks & Drainage

The wider site, formerly part of Filton Airport, occupies approximately 75ha situated on land between Highwood Road and Hayes Way in Filton, Bristol. The client has already undertaken various enabling works on site, including phased clearance and remediation and was in the process of constructing houses on a separate Phase 1 of the development.

Our area of operations comprised an area of roughly vegetated land with a very uneven profile with areas of stockpiled material spread around the site. There were mature hedgerows and trees with protection orders and various access roads which were required to remain open for the duration of the works.

Project Details


Bovis Homes



Project Value

£1.4 million


35 weeks

Services Provided

Phase 1 & Phase 2 investigations, human health & controlled water risk assessment, remediation scheme design including regulatory approvals

Further Information

The works comprised the re-profiling of the site using the stockpiled materials, made ground and natural strata to form a ground profile. The project aim was that once re-profiled the ground must be capable of being used for the intended development without the need for further treatment, and that shallow spread foundations, nominally no greater than 1m deep below finished ground level can be utilised for the proposed houses.
This involved testing, classifying, processing (if required) and re-profiling over 120,000m3 of material. We also installed over 800m of surface water drainage and 4 attenuation ponds in order to divert an existing watercourse.

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