VertaseFLI Digger Driver Saves a Life

Steven Barrett does not want a fuss made of what he did on the evening of 29th June 2016, but as a Company we felt that his First Aid Training and unselfish actions needed to be recognised.


What Happened


Steven had finished work on the Wembley site on Wednesday evening after a hard day driving a digger, when he was on his way home he came across a road traffic accident.


A high sided lorry had pulled out of a compound into the main road and had run directly into a teenager knocking her to the ground. The teenager had suffered a severe break to the leg with the bone protruding the skin, causing the wound to bleed profusely. She had also suffered a crushed shoulder but more critically she was not breathing.


Whilst other bystanders stood by and videoed the accident with their phone, Steven got out of his company van and proceeded to administer emergency first aid on the teenager – first administering CPR to which she positively responded and started breathing on her own. Steven then turned his attention to deal with the injury to her leg to stop the sever loss of blood, which could have led to further complications. At this stage the Paramedics from the London ambulance service arrived on site and took over the treatment of the teenager. 


Since the incident Steven has received and up-date from the hospital, that the teenager is currently stable in hospital.


Well done Steven we are all so proud.